Blue Fire and Red Wires

Anonymous said: hi

'Sup. having a good day?


Not so great episode aside!!!
Season 3 of the walking dead confirmed at sdcc!!!!!!

I won’t lose hope yet telltale!!!!

Anonymous said: Are you planning on getting anymore IMPURE OFF shirts in stock or do you have any currently available? (the ones with the elsen on them)

Probably not for a while, I ‘m sorry anon!! The impure off shirts was one of my favorite designs but also the most expensive for me to make since it required double the amount of screens and colors! I may renew the design in the future when I find a cheaper and nicer alternative method of printing them! Thank you tho!! If u like I can pm you when they become available if you have a tumblr!

mraids said: Hey there, long time! I'm not very active on Tumblr so I only just found out about your store and went ahead and bought an OFF shirt and Walking Dead print that I liked. I was just wondering if you were willing to sign the print, that would be super cool! Looking forward to the stuff getting here anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on the store from now on.

Brooooo I’ll do more than that for you!! I bought a whole pack of sharpies man just for this occasion haha

Some left over images.

This episode should have centered around these two and Rebecca dammitttttt

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Bigby Wolf and Snow White are having none of your shit.

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samekichis-left-clasper said: Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I remember that you were making an Ib shirt for your store. I was just wondering if you dropped it completely or if your still working in it, because it was really cute and I've wanted to buy it since!

Wahhh Thank you! I had to push back its release because all of my remaining funds is pushed towards the fact I’ll be moving soon! I’ll also be releasing a few different designs and see which ones people like best after My move (which should be after Otakon)

I’m also going to try and do discharged ink shirts for the first time with the IB design so it can be on a more delicate/softer shirt and not heavy inks. So ;A; i apologize while i take a while experimenting.