Blue Fire and Red Wires

sleepyking said: apologies if you get this question often or such but do you ever plan on making twd s2 buttons? :~0 i bought clem lee & ken ones from you last anime boston and i'm interested in buying some more if you ever get around to it ;v;

I Probably will, especially for Boston/ around boston time!

Is there any other cons before then that you also go to? If not I can probably get them done by boston for sure =)

anangelstears said: hello!! i talked to you a few times in artists alley at matsuricon; beatrix is pinned to my purse forever! (ffix is the best final fantasy, yesss.) it was lovely meeting someone with similar opinions and wonderful art~

Wahh thank you!

Anyone who says FFIX isnt the best final fantasy never played it. because that game has all my feels and all my tears. Thank you for picking beatrix too! No one… seems to remember her.

"I love that stupid kid. No matter what you think, he is a good boy"

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Please people, please leave Krazehcakes alone about the transgender related stuff. Her inbox is not your soapbox or a warzone, even if you’re defending me I don’t think she appreciates the swarm of inboxes. I’ve dropped the truscum ideas long ago when I learned how harmful and concerning they…

can we clear the air about this please. First of all, I was completely unaware of this entire affair so It was rather shocking and out of the blue that this suddenly appeared in my inbox. Also I had no idea that Truscum and Truscute were even a thing, I knew vaguely about some issues that were being debated, but A good friend of mine gave me an impartial crash course on the issue just now (they are a saint). My opinion is as follows:

Although I think dysphoria is an important part of transitioning and coming out as trans, every individual’s experience is different. And the experience is what you make of it. The journey is a small and integral part of you and your identity. Some can overcome their dysphoria faster than others, and some have to live with their dysphoria for far longer and they have my support and admiration for their strength and their fight.

However i don’t have any patience with people who appropriate the trans experience (like cutesifying pronouns or belittling others’ trans experiences in order to be included, ) I’ve done my share of ignorant crap and I regret it terribly, and I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for some sweethearts who showed me patience. Trans need to be acknowledged and respected and appropriating them makes that path harder for bigots to take them seriously and the injustice of it all breaks my heart.

I would also appreciate it if people don’t pit me against people i just met because of their ideals. You can mention it to me and I’ll build an opinion of it once it’s confirmed. But not everyone will agree to others’ ideals, and my position is to listen while forming my own opinions. But I also thank you anon, for this was an incredibly educating experience and oppurtunity and I felt I’ve grown alot as a person as well as tolerance. And I’m hoping your intentions of your message to me in order to protect me and not to wish ill on the-Judge.

He’s been taking this really difficult and watching him defend himself about issues he’s gone over is completely heartbreaking and I feel if he cant be forgiven then neither can I about my own past ignorances. 

I love all of my followers very much but my inbox is not the place for any of this. I am open to know more about you guys and making friends, but not bullying others because of their identities/ ideals. I am an advocate of debate, not… this. 

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thejudge said: so, how are you doing?




recovering from a small coldddd. and trying to get outta bedddd.

How about you. I’m glad you got home safe and sound! And I met you, an OFF fandom celebrityyy whoaaa. 

The real celebrity here is you ; u;

Oh man you two know each other thats p rad. You’re both rad. 

Also krazehcakes I hope you feel better from your cold! 


Our world is tiny. Full of puzzles and elsens. We’ll all get purified eventually haha. Save me, my sweet Sucre. I miss you so much btw. 

thejudge said: hey, I'm not truscum. I've already made posts claiming that I dropped those ideas after I found out my friend who told me to make those "truscum" posts were using my popularity to spread their gross ideas around. I've since stopped blogging about transgender related issues because it's not my place or location to blog about, ya know?

Well that;s good to know. Thanks for the clarifications.

Hope that kind of sets stuff down for the anon. I really don’t know how to react about rumors about people I just met. Thoughhh c’mon guys this isn’t the place. I’ll delete these posts later.

Let’s not fight in my inbox.