Blue Fire and Red Wires
Bigby Wolf and Snow White are having none of your shit.

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samekichis-left-clasper said: Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I remember that you were making an Ib shirt for your store. I was just wondering if you dropped it completely or if your still working in it, because it was really cute and I've wanted to buy it since!

Wahhh Thank you! I had to push back its release because all of my remaining funds is pushed towards the fact I’ll be moving soon! I’ll also be releasing a few different designs and see which ones people like best after My move (which should be after Otakon)

I’m also going to try and do discharged ink shirts for the first time with the IB design so it can be on a more delicate/softer shirt and not heavy inks. So ;A; i apologize while i take a while experimenting.

nicolas-px said: //kisses ur face you said everything i wanted to say about jane and more

It’s just painful. Arrrrrhhh. *lies on side* what a waste of characters.

Anonymous said: Not really, no. Molly didn't interact that much with Clem, not to the degree Jane did. She didn't spend the same amount of time Jane spent with Clem.

«You just hate Jabe because you are sexist. You wouldn’t say shit if she was a white male like Kenny.»

LOL. Omfg. LOL.

Okay first off the only reason Molly didn’t beat Lee’s head in at the docks of Savannah was because of Clementine. Second, while Lee was milling about in the sewers and ran into Vernon, It was Molly who took Clem back to the house so there’s a good half day they spent together. 

It was also MOLLY who tells Lee to take care of Clementine before she leaves because Clementine TOLD Molly that she thought the World of Lee (and 100% supports your decision NOT to let vernon take Clem).


LOLLL. Okay if you even knew me you’d know I really DON’T like Kenny. I was NEVER happy about his return but accepted it only because this was Telltale’s decision and hopefully an interesting story would come with Kenny’s return. (I’m not amazed by his story arc in S2, but i don’t like or hate it either. It’s just kenny.)

I fully think Kenny’s story arc should have ended at S1 as Missing, and he should have been replaced with Christa throughout this season. So I’m sorry to say you’re accusations at me are 100% wrong Anon. well okay, i’ll say your 99.8% wrong anon because I did like that one part where Kenny tries to save Ben but that’s probably it?

Okay, okay, omg where do i begin. If you ALSO knew me, you’d know my favorite characters are

Lee, Clementine, Doug, Lilly, Christa and Omid, Rebecca, Pete, Bonnie, Wyatt (i actually love all of the 400 days main cast So much it hurts sans probably Nate cuz Nate’s a douche), Mike and Sarah.

So….. I’m really sorry to disappoint you that I’m neither racist or sexist? And that my preffered characters are: Not a clone. And the only white males i really like are Doug, Pete and Wyatt? But nowhere near the extent of how much I love Christa and Rebecca and Mike. 

Step up your game, Anon. You can do it. I believe in you.


If you adapt Jane’s mindset, then that’s Slapping Lee so hard in the face You fall backwards. Why would anyone want to die alone, Why would CLEMENTINE want to die alone, especially when Lee died she was with him till his final moments regardless of what you did with hi.

That’s slapping Omid, christa, Lilly, Ben, everyone in S1 so hard. You got here because of people, Clementine, Don’t lose hope on people. There are awful people in the world but you know that.

I’m not saying the Group ISN’T crumbling or falling apart. But don’t live and die alone, Clementine.

Anonymous said: Jane isn't Molly 2.0. Unlike Molly, at least Jane bothered teaching Clem a few survivalist skills.

And Molly didn’t…? she had her own unique capabilities and even if she didn’t Impart Infinite survivalist skills on Lee nor magical acrobatics (who really didn’t need it) She taught him to manipulate herds of walkers with noise using the bells. Also i’m sure IF Clementine WAS older, Molly would have taught her plenty seeing as how she’ll be impressed by Clementine shooting her first walker if you leave her in the house and that they became friends pretty quickly.

Jane Is Molly 2.0. Both Had a tragic backstory of a Sister that depended on them and was lesser capable that died. The sister death then catapulting the Molly duo into Loner status’s and Both left upon Episode 4. And Both were unable to be trusted at first and many questioned whether they would abandon the group and finally Both did sexual favours in order to get what they needed (Jane did with Troy)

Personality-wise they’re alike too. Mysterious, cocky and “cool and capable”. Whereas Jane consistently brings up her little sister and how much Clem/Sarah/every little girl younger than her is too much like her sister. Molly also has attachment issues by naming her Pickaxe after her sister. She just wasn’t as annoying about it and 2 characters didn’t die just for her development.

Jane’s character is subpar imo and is just a rehash of another character. Too many similarities. That’s why I suggested that she could easily be more relatable to Rebecca having a baby and still have attachment anxiety for Clem and Sarah if she was a young single mom who lost her daughter. 

Like, if Jane teaching Clem some few techniques (Clem also raided a zombie’s pockets before in Episode 1) means she’s SUCH a unique character. Then my god… Chuck must be the Flowery all-knowing God of the Zombie apocalypse.

Let’s also Compare Jane to Say, Shel who had 1/10th of the screen time. Their similar in age and had a younger sister but? Unlike Jane and Molly she was having a hard time making decisions in a Zombie apocalypse, Becca developed into a survivalist mentally much faster than she did. She had a best friend who betrayed her and she had to make an ultimatum decision to execute her friend. She realized she couldn’t protect Becca’s innocence anymore but if A. Refused to give into a survivalist and stick with her morals, she’ll courageously (cowardly in her sister’s eyes) escape from the group. Or B. Gives in and executes her best friend in front of her sister, live with extreme guilt and anxiety from joining a group when Tavia offers.

 In one DLC alone, despite having a little sister she’s pretty much 80% a different character than Molly and Jane. And if you see her in S2 for the hot 3 seconds she’s there you can see just that Becca develops into a Bully with an ideology similar to Carver’s but Shel tells her to backdown and be more considerate.

Step up your game, Anon. Jane was just lazily written.

aqua-stone said: Hi :3 I met you at Ctcon on Friday, my friend introduced me to you and I came back on Saturday with some of my friends and gave you a cookie :3 I bought a beautiful Ib print from you, I love it very much! But I'm really sad to say the Gary pin you gave me was lost at the con and I was really sad when I found out. But I just wanted to say it was really nice to meet you and I hope to meet you again :3 but sadly probably not with cookies next time XD

Aww sweetie, Thank you!! If you like I can replace the Garry Pin!

If your going to any other cons just find me again! Or if not just PM me your address and I’ll try and get around to sending you another!