OFF Tshirt Pre orders!

(sorry, before my computer was fritzing and would only make text posts which really downgrade the quality of images. After a good clean up, I fixed it! Previous rebloggers, feel free to ignore., And Yes, denizens of tumblr, I will be sending one to Mortis Ghost himself)

Hey everyone, So This monday I’m gonna put in Orders for OFF SHIRTS.

But to have them done in time for Acen and to cover some of the costs I’m gonna be taking pre-orders! Don’t worry though Those who pre-ordered will be getting them VERY soon. How soon? Like Week after Acen Soon! (may 21st will be when I ship them out if this happens) I’m aiming to order about 50 so they can be available for AnimeCentral, AnimeBoston and AnimeNext, but also so i have a few For you lovely internet peeps too!

If I meet a large enough demand I’ll order more. These shirts are meant to be like a Chain store employees uniform. Apparently, we all want to work in retail under Zacharie. (why not.)

The First Row will be the shirt printed first, Those will be shipped out May 21st.

Those who want the Second Row will have to wait till Mid June when I make another order!

And What do pre-ordered people get? A free zacharie-cat Keychain!

WARNING, I AM NOT TAKING INTERNATIONAL ORDERS YET. The cost of shipping is way too much for now. I’m sorry for those who live overseas, I’ll have them available AFTER June. But for now I cant cover the shipping yet!

Spread the word!

BTW these shirts are basically a labor of Love I’m making almost NO profit off of these. $550 is coming out of my own pocket, and for 25$ for 50 shirts give me a little over a grand, which means i make back that 550 And the remaining 600-700 Goes to Ordering the SECOND Shirt and another order of the first. I am using this as a learning experience and So people can walk around with Awesome Off merch to spread the love of this game.