Okay Normally I dont classify myself as a Whovian much anymore but I am kinda sorta done with Whovians giving #9 Fans an unsavory expression of surprise when we say 9 is our favorite. Being many of our’s “First Doctor’s” aside, We are really quite done with fans who introduce new fans to it saying “Oh just sit through the first series, 10 is where is gets good.” No you asshat, 9 was GOOD. It was so GOOD it laid the ground for 10, it was SO GOOD, it jumpstarted the series and QUITE LITERALLY did all the heavy lifting. Introductions are damn hard and he was fantastic.

You can bash Eccleston all you like but he played the doctor so well and those who say otherwise need to sit down and shut up. He was not only just Quirky but he was also well rounded, serious when he had to be, angry when he felt justified to do so, Lonely, and was jaded and judgemental but still open to Hope. That hope happening to come in the form of his companion.

And you know what else? He was so fantastic, you got so much character from 9’s doctor he had One series and to be frank, ONLY needed one series. because the sheer amount of character and introduction was so strong you knew enough about him that took 10 and 11’s doctors  3+ Series to really sift through to find character beyond Adorkably quirky. 9 did it so seamlessly by being so well rounded.

He doesn’t have to be your favorite doctor. But when i’m told he isnt a GOOD doctor, then there’s the door and leave. My Conversation on Dr. Who with you is over.